Why are Simmons Recliners so Comfortable?

When I first heard of the furniture company Simmons Upholstery and their claim to comfort in all their products, I wasn't really that convinced. It is easy to make bold statements but harder to follow through on those claims. What ultimately convinced me was when I and my wife finally had to give up our old recliner and purchase a new one.


In my search for the next recliner to add to our living room, I came across simmons recliners and thought to give it a go the next time I'm ever at a furniture store and they carry the brand. Lucky for me, our next outing in search for a recliner was at our local furniture store and they happen to have a Simmons recliner. I lovingly shoved my wife aside and tried the seat for myself.

images (3).jpg

They weren't kidding about the comfort. I pictured myself sitting on this recliner at home watching TV and never wanting to get up again. I found out through my internet search that Simmons has spent decades developing the best possible fabric to cover all their products. Their upholstery material is soft, supple, pliable, and very resilient. All these mean that Simmons recliners are some of the toughest yet most comfortable pieces of furniture you can have for your home.


And as I type this in my living room sitting in my very own Simmons recliner, I can honestly say that it was a wise decision for us to opt with their recliner.