What makes Simmons Recliners Special?

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I value a good quality brand that sticks to their messaging despite the changing times. One great example of this is in the brand philosophy that drives Simmons Upholstery has stuck with them all these years. Their aim is to give people a wonderful and relaxing lounging experience in every product that they release. The fabrics they use are of high-quality and ultra-comfortable. They use a multitude of materials to ensure that they cater to the needs of all their customers. They made sure that all their chairs and recliners are wide enough to accommodate many people but not too wide that it would be impossible to get it inside the house.

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The people behind Simmons Upholstery are also committed to the company's mission. All simmons recliners, chairs, sofas, and loveseats are created with care and attention. With skills and knowledge in abundance, they are able to build home furniture that boasts beauty and functionality in abundance. Not many companies can claim this. One way they achieve such feat is by ensuring that in each of their product they make the frame strong and robust. A good frame is the foundation of all good pieces of furniture. With it, it's able to provide strong support and amazing comfort level.


To sum it all up, what makes Simmons special is not in their products alone. It is in their commitment to giving their customers the comfort and pleasure they deserve. And they design and build their products with this in mind.